Save All The Robots!

Save All The Robots

Save All The Robots is a puzzle game inspired in the chess game. This resemblance lies in the fact that it is a positional strategy game based on threats and movements.

A 8x8 grid is used. A certain number of robots must be placed on the squares. The robots are initially located on the inventory. You have to place all the robots before running out of time.

At the beginning of the game, enemies are placed on the grid. They are threatening certain grid positions. These positions should be avoided or protected to place the robots.

The game is based on different levels of incremental difficulty. One level is considered successful if all the robots have been placed on the grid, and in addition, all the robots have been saved. Otherwise, the level is considered lost.

Robots, enemies and time are determined by the level difficulty and will be different for each one of them.

Save All The Robots will put you through different stages and themes related to the world around us, such as jungle, love, city, etc., And, by playing, you will have lots of fun while testing your strategic ability.

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